Enhancing social participation for combating labour market crisis

Autor Principal: Moughari, Zahra Karimi - Autor/a
Formato: No definido Doc. de trabajo / Informes
Publicado: CLACSO 2015-04-24
Buenos Aires
Series: Southern papers series. Working papers no. 23
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  • The global crisis has deepened and most industrialized and developing countries have faced the risk of a prolonged labour market recession that can lead to a catastrophic rise in unemployment and decline in real wages. Several countries have used neoclassical tools to lessen the labour market and social consequences of the crisis; mainly through lowering interest rates to support private investment; but the plans have not succeeded so far; as investment counteracts in the reaction to declining effective demand. While, public work projects, by encouraging social participation in implementing beneficial community-based projects, can be a certain means to stimulate economic recovery and in the meantime to yield maximum employment creation