Table of Contents:
  • IT IS A GREAT pleasure to offer this compilation for the public’s consideration. It consists of the speeches delivered by outstanding intellectuals, politicians and critics of the dominant thinking and of the horrors of neo-liberal globalization at the Third Latin American and Caribbean Conference on Social Sciences entitled “New Worldwide Hegemony”. Options for Change and Social Movements”, held in Havana, Cuba, on October 27-31, 2003, within the framework of the 21st General Assembly of the Latin American Council of Social Sciences (CLACSO).
  • Index Atilio A. Boron Preface Noam Chomsky The dilemmas of dominance Perry Anderson The role or ideas in the construction of alternatives Robert A. Dahl Democratic polities in advances conutries: succed and challenge Samir Amin Geopolitics of contemporary imperialism Francisco de Oliveira Are there open paths for Latin America? Armando Hart Dávalos To love, think and act from Latin American Atilio A. Boron Hegemony and imperialism in the international system Fidel Castro Ruz Closing addres