The correlation between water activity and % moisture in honey : fundamental aspects and application to Argentine honeys

Autores Principales: Chirife, Jorge, Zamora, María Clara, Motto, Aldo
Otros Autores: Universidad Católica Argentina. Facultad de Ciencias Agrarias
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Lenguaje: English
Publicado: 2006
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  • Abstract: Present work examined some fundamental aspects of the relationship between water activity and % moisture in honey. For this purpose a theoretical analysis was made on water activity lowering in sugar solutions and honey; the correlation between water activity and % moisture in Argentine honeys, was then experimentally determined and explained on the basis of above analysis. A very good straight line relationship (correlation coefficient 0.971) was found between both parameters in the range examined (15 % to 21 % moisture), and also the goodness of fit of the regression equation was found to be quite satisfactory. Previous literature results were compared with present ones.