George Stephens

George Stephens may refer to:

*George Stephens (playwright) (1800–1851), English author and dramatist *George Stephens (philologist) (1813–1895), British archaeologist and philologist, who worked in Scandinavia *George Washington Stephens, Sr. (1832–1904), Canadian businessman, lawyer, and politician *George Washington Stephens, Jr. (1866–1942), Canadian politician *Frank Stephens (sculptor) (George Francis Stephens, 1859–1935), sculptor and co-founder of Arden, Delaware *George Stephens (Canadian politician) (1846–1916), merchant and politician in Ontario, Canada *George E. Stephens (1832–1888), American Civil War Union correspondent to the New York ''Weekly Anglo-African'' *George Stephens (priest) (died 1751), Canon of Windsor *George Stephens (American football) (1873–1946), college football player *George Stephens (cricketer) (1889–1950), English cricketer Provided by Wikipedia
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