J. Smith

J. Smith may refer to:

* J. Smith (1840s cricketer) )fl. 1840s), English cricketer * J. Smith (footballer) (fl. 1889–1890), English footballer * J. Smith (Gentlemen cricketer, 1833), English cricketer * "J. Smith" (song), 2008 song by Travis from the album ''Ode to J. Smith'' * J. Smith (VC) (1822–1866), English recipient of the Victoria Cross * J. D. Smith (offensive tackle) (born 1936) * J. L. Smith (fl. 1953), American pitcher * J. L. B. Smith (1897–1968), South African ichthyologist * J. R. Smith (born 1985), American basketball player * J. T. Smith (American football) (born 1955) Provided by Wikipedia
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