Eduardo Sacheri

Eduardo Sacheri (2016) Eduardo Sacheri (Castelar, 1967) is an Argentine writer and professor of History, graduated in the National University of Luján. He is best known for his novel ''La pregunta de sus ojos'' which became the basis for the Oscar-winning film ''El secreto de sus ojos'' and its American remake. Sacheri co-wrote the film's script in collaboration with its director Juan Jose Campanella. Sacheri and Campanella were also the screenwriters of the animation film ''Underdogs''. He also published a number of short stories, such as ''Esperándolo a Tito y otros cuentos de fútbol'' and ''Lo raro empezó después.''

In 2016, Sacheri won the Premio Alfaguara for his novel ''La noche de la usina''. Provided by Wikipedia
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