Daniel Ryan

Daniel or Dan Ryan may refer to: * Daniel Ryan (figure skater) (died 1961), American ice dancer who competed with partner Carol Ann Peters * Daniel Ryan (actor) (born 1968), English actor and writer * Daniel L. Ryan (1930–2015), American prelate of the Roman Catholic Church * Daniel J. Ryan (1855–1923), Republican politician in Ohio * Dan Ryan Jr. (1894–1961), American politician * Dan Ryan (electronic sports player) (born 1986), American electronic sports player * Daniel Ryan (Tasmanian politician) (1870–1953), Australian politician * Daniel Joseph Ryan, American politician in the Massachusetts House of Representatives * Dan Ryan (netball) (born 1984), Australian netball player, coach, sports journalist and broadcaster * Daniel Ryan (Queensland politician) (1865–1952), member of the Queensland Legislative Assembly * Dan Ryan (Oregon politician) (born 1962/63), commissioner-elect of Portland, Oregon Provided by Wikipedia
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