Juan Carlos Portantiero

Juan Carlos Portantiero (Buenos Aires, 1934 – Buenos Aires, 9 March 2007) was an Argentine sociologist.

He specialized in the study of the works of Antonio Gramsci. With José Aricó and other intellectuals, he was in charge of the magazine ''Pasado y Presente'', which holds a critical view of Marxism.

He graduated in Sociology in University of Buenos Aires, and went into exile during the last illegal military government (1976–1983) because of threats received. He moved into Mexico, where he founded the ''Controversia'' journal.

After the return of democracy (1983), he became one of the most respected Argentine scholars and had a direct influence on politics as an advisor to Unión Cívica Radical president Raúl Alfonsín and member of the advising team dubbed ''Grupo Esmeralda''.

He acted as elected dean of UBA's Social Sciences School (1990–1998). Provided by Wikipedia
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