Javier López

Javier López may refer to:

*Arturo López (Javier Arturo López, born 1983), Mexican-American baseball pitcher *Javier López (baseball) (born 1977), Puerto Rican-American baseball player *Javier López (general) (1792–1836), Argentine soldier and several times governor of Tucumán Province *Javier López (sport shooter) (born 1989), Spanish sports shooter *Javier López (born 1949), Spanish theologian and a priest of the Catholic Church *Javi López (Francisco Javier López Castro, born 1964), Spanish retired footballer and manager *Javi López (Francisco Javier López Díaz, born 1988), Spanish footballer *Javi López (Javier López Muñoz, born 1990), Spanish footballer *Javi López (Javier López Rodríguez, born 1986), Spanish footballer *Javy López (Javier López Torres, born 1970), Puerto Rican former catcher in Major League Baseball *Javier López Vallejo (born 1975), retired Spanish footballer *Javier López Zavala (born 1969), Mexican politician *Javier Vázquez López (born 2000), Spanish footballer Provided by Wikipedia
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