Nicolás Gutiérrez

Lieutenant Colonel Nicolás Gutiérrez was twice acting governor of the northern (Alta) part of ''Las Californias'' in 1836, from January to May and July to November.

Gutiérrez served two short terms as acting governor of Alta California in 1836, during a very turbulent period in the history of Mexican California. The Siete Leyes reforms to Mexico's government had combined Alta California and the Baja California peninsula into a single ''departamento'' under the older Spanish-era name of ''Las Californias''. His term began on January 2, 1836, succeeding acting (''ad interim'') governor José Castro, and Gutiérrez served as governor ''ad interim'' until the arrival of official appointee Mariano Chico. Chico, however, was dismissed for abandoning his post, and Gutiérrez returned to the job in July.

Gutierrez himself was ousted in a coup led by Californios Juan Bautista Alvarado and José Castro, assisted by a group of foreigners led by Isaac Graham, on November 5, 1836. The battle was short and surrender was secured after the firing of just one artillery round at the governor's residence in Monterey. Gutierrez and his cadre of officers were detained at Cabo San Lucas on the English brig ''Clementine'' before returning to Mexico. Provided by Wikipedia
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