Javier Fernández Aguado

Javier Fernández Aguado (Madrid, 1961), Spanish PhD in Economics, author and expert in Management.

He holds a PhD in Economics from the Complutense University (Madrid, 1996). His awards include the J. A. Artigas National Award for the Best Research in Social Sciences 1997 and the Peter Drucker Award for Innovation in Management (USA, 2008), being the only Spanish author who has received this distinction. He is currently President of [http://www.mindvalue.com/ MindValue].

Fernández Aguado has written thirty-three books and several of them have been published in a collection that goes by his name, launched by [http://www.lideditorial.com/ LID Editorial]. He has created six models of two models of organizational diagnosis ("Managing the Imperfect" and "Organizational Pathologies"), and several more dedicated to organizational change like "Feelings Management", "Will Management" or "Management by Habits".

His thought has been analyzed by different authors in over three hundred books and essays. Twenty of them have been brought together by the British brand consultant Christopher Smith in the book ''Management Challenges for the XXI Century''. Authors of the likes of Eduardo Punset, Marcos Urarte and Nuria Chinchilla contribute to the text.

600 experts from twelve countries of Europe and America attended a symposium that was held in Madrid in 2010 to study his work and his thinking. A book containing the lectures was published some months later. Provided by Wikipedia
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