Silvia Alonso

Silvia Alonso Silvia Alonso Cruz (born 28 December 1989, in Salamanca) is a Spanish actress. Her debut was as the protagonist of the Telecinco series ''Tierra de lobos'', playing Almudena Lobo. She has participated in different Spanish series such as ''Amar es para siempre'', ''La que se avecina'' and ''Sin identidad''. Provided by Wikipedia
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by Alonso, Silvia, Graselli, Mariano
Published 2015-05-02
Table of Contents: '; ... Proteínas (LEPP); dirigidos respectivamente por los Dres. Alonso Silvia, Grasselli Mariano y Ermácora Mario...
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info:ar-repo/semantics/proyecto de investigación Otro
by Noguera, Martín Ezequiel
Published 2012-12-20
Other Authors: '; ...del Valle Alonso, Silvia...
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Tesis Doctoral
by Siri, Macarena
Published 2017-11-30
Other Authors: '; ...Alonso, Silvia del Valle...
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Tesis Doctoral